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Last month we had the great honor of being invited to perform at the opening of Bridge Projects, a gallery and exhibition space in Los Angeles. The event not only celebrated the opening of the space, but its inaugural installation, 10 Columns, by Phillip K. Smith III.

In addition to performances by Bridge to Everywhere, the event included poetry readings by Mandy Kahn and speeches by Roberta and Howard Ahmanson, Phillip K. Smith III, and Cara Lewis and Linnéa Spransy of Bridge Projects.

We are so grateful to have been part of such a momentous occasion! We hope you will enjoy this look back at the event courtesy of the brilliant photographer, Gina Clyne.

Photos by Gina Clyne Photography

Rachel Mellis. (Gina Clyne Photography)

Rachel Iba and Chris Votek. (Gina Clyne Photography)

Bridge to Everywhere. (Gina Clyne Photography)

Bridge to Everywhere. (Gina Clyne Photography)