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Last Friday, in commemoration of Juneteenth, we launched a neighborhood concert series to deepen relationships with our neighbors and engage in discussions on racial injustice.

The inaugural concert took place outside an apartment complex and was a great success with many of the building’s residents eager to listen to live music, get to know one another better, and learn about the history of this important holiday.

Photos by Todd Duffey and Kim Nguyen Tran

Philip Graulty performs his piece, Breathe, in memory of George Floyd (Todd Duffey).

Kim Tran and Derrick Skye perform Bawa from the Dagaaba people of West Africa (Todd Duffey).


Maya Angelou On the Pulse of Morning (poem)
Adolphus Hailstork Flute Set
Valerie Coleman Danza de la Mariposa
Rachel Mellis, recitation and flute

Erroll Garner Misty
Adam Wolf, horn
Philip Graulty, guitar

Justinian Tamusuza Okukoowoola Kw’Ekkondeere
Adam Wolf, horn

Philip Graulty Breathe
Traditional Amazing Grace
Philip Graulty, guitar

Traditional Bawa from the Dagaaba people of West Africa
Derrick Skye, sogo
Kim Tran, gankogui

Rachel Mellis also read aloud these words of encouragement from flutist and composer Valerie Coleman:

“Right now, we are all feeling anger, frustration, and just this feeling of hopelessness, and I feel that artists, first and foremost, with our creativity, we have the ability to take all of that and channel it, reinvent it into a language that connects our humanity, that connects us all.”

“It’s very important to us that we take all of that energy and create music that moves people, that may reach them in ways that words cannot, generate emotions that allow empathy to have a foot through the door, and most of all allow us to express ourselves in such a way that puts us on the front line of healing.”

Tonight, our bridge extends to Arcadia with an entirely different personnel and program – wish us luck! To support this series, please consider making a donation.