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Thanks to everyone who made Bridge to Everywhere’s first house concert a success: our hosts, Bonnie and Peter Yates; our catering sponsor, Aroma Café; and the incomparable House of Many Windows, Yvette Holzwarth and Miroslav Tadić. It was a magical evening.

Our next house concert is Sunday, June 11, 2017. Join us as Philip Graulty and Marc Nimoy pay tribute to genre-defying composer Steve Reich on his 80th birthday year. From some of Reich’s most-performed compositions to pieces that are rarely played, Graulty and Nimoy employ classical and electric guitars, laptops, and hand claps to highlight a body of work that spans five decades. RSVP here.

Photos by Kim Nguyen Tran & Jorge Vismara
Yvette Holzwarth and Miroslav Tadic perform as House of Many Windows. (Jorge Vismara)

Yvette Holzwarth and Miroslav Tadic. (Jorge Vismara)